Putty and Slime, do you love it or hate it ?

I'm guessing the answer will be different depening on if you are a child or parent!

We have a solution that will interest you!

Mix your own putty and enjoy a creative activity together. We have 3 different sets for you to choose from:

Glow, Holographic or Neon Colours

Each set contains pots of ingredients for you to make your very own putty and get creative with colour.

Firstly, mix them together and see what colours you can make.

Secondly, give your putty an amazing name.

Thirdly, pop your putty in your custom designed tin to keep it fresh.

Now you have your very own personal putty collection.

Crazy Aaron makes quality non-toxic and safe putty for you to bounce, pop, stretch and tear. And Yes Crazy Aaron is a real person!

Once you have made your Putty, how will you use yours?

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