Brainbox Brain Links Solar System

  • Fun linking card game that takes players through the solar system
  • Fun facts about thr Sun, Planets, moons and more
  • Really creative and fun way to teach science
  • Perfect for KS3 Science classes
  • Age: 11+
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Brainbox Brainlinks - Solar system

Take a fact finding journey through the solar system with this fun linking card game. This useful (and effective) teaching aid helps science students gain additional understanding of the solar system and more. 

Children are taken on a scientific journey as they play the linking game. Each of the cards show explanatory pictures with facts about the sun, moon satellites, astronaughts and space exploration. Children are asked to take turns. Their aim is to link the cards that come up to their hand or those in play. They have to think about processes and how the solar system works to make these connections. And... if a link is not found another card must be picked up. The first player to lay all their cards wins. Throughout he game, players are kept actively engaged as they try and remember the facts of the processes involved. 

The rules are simply and can be easily picked up in a few minutes of play so it's perfect to play in the classroom to round off a science lesson. 

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Dimensions9.5 x 2 x 6 cm
FeaturesAids Science Learning
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