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Autism and Dyspraxia. We've got it covered. 

Within the tink n stink family, we have a number of children with special needs. Like many parents in similar positions, we visited Autism Awareness workshops and other support classes and learned lots of great techniques which have helped our children be themselves more freely. We learned how to communicate better, how to play better and how to deal with meltdowna with minimal impact. 

We wanted to pass on what we have learned to you. Here, our focus is to offer you as teachers, parents and / or caregivers real resources that work effectively for both you and your children. We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure our games, toys, teaching aids and behaviour management strategies are relevant, helpful and inspiring.

There are many types of learning disabilities and learning difficulties within SEN education. However, we have concentrated on a select two key areas for now; Autism and Dyspraxia because this is what we know best. Just click on one of the boxes below to be taken to the SEN resources are relevant for you.


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