Fraction Fundamentals Snap

  • Snap and pairs card game
  • Helps children to learn about fractions
  • Fun way to teach maths
  • Includes cards for fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Age: 7+
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Fraction Fundamentals Snap and Matching Pairs Card Game

These two simple games are highly valued by teachers. They have become a great educational resource that reinforces children's understanding and consolidation of fractions and their basic fundamental qualities.

This particular card deck specifically focuses on fraction fundamentals and how they relate to decimals, percentages and fractions as part of a whole unit. 

The card deck really helps children who are struggling with this aspect of maths learning. Frustration is quickly turned into fun as children can make connections with realising. It is a great visual aid which works really well.

Playing Snap: children will be trying to snap cards that match like 0.5, 5/10, 50%, 1/2, 2/4.

Playing matching pairs: children turn all of the cards upside down. Turn two over and see if they are a match. The child keeps the card if they are. If not they are turned back to face down ready for the next persons turn. 

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DimensionsPlaying Card Size H8.7 x W5.5 cm
Features52 full-colour playing cards plus 3 information cards
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