Pencil Grip Starter Set - Mixed Pack of 6

  • Our most popular pencils grips
  • Ideal starter set - your child can progress from one grip to another
  • All grips are designed for left and right handed use
  • All individual pencil grips aid handwriting and offer comfort
  • Suitable from the age of 3
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Pencil Grip

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Pencil Grip Starter Set

This starter set is a perfect starting point if you are unsure which pencil grip will suit your child best. We've included six of our most popular grips that are used widely in schools and by Occupational Therapists. Each offer comfort and promote use of the Tripod Grip which is the standard method taught in schools. 

Some grips are suited to smaller hands, others for extended writing tasks and others give the user more tactile stimulation. You can use them all or simply work through them as your child progresses on their writing journey. 

WhichPencil Grips are included? 

1 x Crossover Ultra Grip - specifically designed to stop the forefingers from crossing over

1 x Medium Claw Grip - revolutionary design allows for an instinctive grasp. Can be used on pencils, paint brushes and cutlery

1 x Ultra Pencil Grip - soft and comfortable for longer writing tasks

1 x Triangular Grip - makes the surface area of a pencil bigger allowing smaller fingers to grasp the pencil better

1 x Mini Grip - for younger children just starting out

1 x Foam Ridged Grip - soft and comfortable with added ridges for a more tactile experience

Ordering and Shipping

A mix of colours will be sent. 

Please note that the pencils shown are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the grips. Plus, the colour grips shown are not necessarily the individual colours of each grip that you will receive as we work on pick and mix principals. 

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FeaturesSuitable for Right and Left Handers
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