Senseez Soothables Hot and Cold Pack - Lil Cow

  • Senseez Hot/Cold Packs are perfect for helping ease little aches and pains
  • The hot/cold pack can be made warm or cool and are designed to be used inside the soothable cover
  • The plush fabric cover has fuzzy horns and a tail to play with
  • Ideal for Special Needs Children
  • Recommended Age: 3 years and over
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The Award Winning Senseez brand offers products which are colourful and fun - they are great for calming anxiety, helping with focus, and improving concentration.

This is Lil Cow, your hot/cold pack in a funky farmyard cover.  Lil Cow has a super soft fabric cover that you will love to caress. It also has two horns and a tail to play with.  The tactile cover offers sensory feedback.

Ideal for special needs children where it's hot or cold touch will calm and relax.

The hot/cold pack can be stored in the freezer or cooled in the refrigerator. The pack can be also be heated briefly in a microwave.  The hot/cold pack is made to retain warm or cool temperature for up to 20 minutes.  Instructions are included in the package.

Dimensions: 20cm  x 16cm, plus horns and tail

Recommended Age 3+

Please be aware that -

  • The hot/cold pack must be used with adult supervision
  • The pearls inside the pack must not be ingested
  • The hot/cold pack must be discarded if punctured or pierced
  • The hot/cold pack must not be used directly on the skin - please use the cover provided
  • The hot/cold pack should be tested by an adult before inserting it into  the cover - it should be warm or cool to the touch

Please note: Senseez are not a medical device and should not be used for medical or therapeutic purposes.

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Dimensions20cm x 16cm, plus horns and tail
FeaturesA Hot/Cold Pack, complete with a soft fabric cover
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