Sip-Tip Cup with One Way Straws

  • Decreases the effort required to drink
  • Each straw has a built-in valve that controls the flow of liquid
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ARK's Sip-Tip® with one way straws

Drinking made easier

This product is made for people who have dfficilties generating and maintaining suction when they drink. The one-way straws have a unique value built into the bottom of the staw whcih controls the flow of liquid. So, fluid flows up the straw but not back down. This action means less effort is required for each sip and less air is ingested limiting coughing nad choking. 

How do I use it?

You can use the system in two ways. The first is to simply suck the straw. The second is to 'pump' the fluid up the straw by covering the vent hole with your finger and pressing dopwn several times until the liquid is drawn up. 

The free Lip Blok® that is included in the set prevents individuals from biting on the straw or putting it too far into their mouths whilst decreasing tongue protrusion in order to correct tongue and lip positioning.

What's included?

The Sip-Tip set includes:

  • 1 x 8oz (236ml) tumbler,
  • 1 spill-resistant lid, 
  • 10 One-Way Straws, and
  • 1 *free* yellow Lip Blok® (yellow, 3/4").  

The Sip-Tip® is similar to the Cip-Kup and Bear Bottle in function, but with a more professional and discrete design geared towards teenagers through geriatrics.  The lid snaps on securely to minimize spillage, and the rigid, high-qualtiy tumbler has graduated marks on its side to monitor fluid intake.  

The bottle is 4.5 " (11.4 cm)  and holds 8 fluid ounces (236ml). It is compatible with most 0.25" straws. Dishwasher safe. The bottle is recommended for use with non carbonated drinks such as water, milk, juice (no pulp).

Completely safe to use

This particular brand of oral therapy tools is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA by ARK Therapeutic, speech language therapists and the leading manufacturer of innovative therapy tools and special needs products.

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DimensionsH4.5" with a 2" diameter at the base and 3" diameter at the top
FeaturesOne Way Straws
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