Writing Trainer

  • Helps to teach children correct letter formation, both lower and upper case
  • Features single letters and joined-up (cursive) writing styles
  • Small ridges within the letter plate give an auditory clicking sound when the letters are being formed correctly
  • Designed to combine sound and tactile stimulation to reward correct writing technique
  • Recommended for children aged 4 years old and over
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Writing Trainer - A Unique Multi Sensory Handwriting Aid

The Writing Trainer is an educational resource that encourages children to write using tactile, sound and visual learning cues. The Writing Trainer is a plastic plate featuring both upper and lowercase letters. The user runs their pen or pencil over the sensory lines, seeing the shape of the letters and feeling how they should be written correctly. As the shape of the letter is traced the pen subtly bounces up and down, causing a cracking sound that stimulates the child's senses and reinforces correct technique.

The Writing Trainer is easy to use and encourages correct pen control. It is suitable for left handed and right handed users. Its multi-sensory approach the handwriting practice makes it particularly useful for those with additional needs such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Hypermobility, Autism, ASD and other Special Needs.

How to use the Writing Trainer

The letters on the plate should be outlined with a pencil or pen 3–4 times. After outlining the letters the user should write the same letters into an exercise book or handwriting practice sheet. This can be done as many times as necessary to ensure the letter formation is correct on each attempt. Technique can also be practiced using a stylus on a tablet or phone for additional visual reinforcement.

The Writing Trainer is double sided and teaches upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. It also features both single letter and joined-up (cursive) writing styles.

The Writing Skill Trainer is suitable for children aged 4 years old and upwards

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Dimensions20cm x 7cm
FeaturesHelps to develop handwriting
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