Zuru Wild Tangle Series

  • Tangle Jr Classic Stress Toy
  • Fidget toy for adults and children
  • Twist it, turn it, move it through your fingers or take it apart and put it back together again
  • 6 Multi-coloured Tangles to choose from
  • Not Suitable for 0-3 years old - Small Parts can create a choking hazard
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Zuru Tangle Wild Series

The Zuru Tangle Junior Wild is a safe, fun and colourful fiddle toy. It is a very effective tactile toy that can help to calm and refocuses minds, as it gives the users fingers continuous opportunities to fidget in a quiet, unobtrusive manner. The Tangle is perfect for any adult or child that needs to keep their fidgety behaviour under control.

All the segments in this Tangle Series are SMOOTH in texture.

How does the Zuru Tangle Junior work? 

This stress toy is a series of colourful smooth curves that connect and pivot in every direction. There is no start and no end to the toy allowing you to twist and turn it as you move it through your fingers. As you do this, the movement of the Tangle toy helps to refocus individuals. Their minds calm and nervous fidgety behaviour steadies as the toy provides a safe outlet for this energy.

The simple nature of this fidget toy lends itself perfectly to children with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD. It is very much viewed as one of the best Autism sensory toys because of its ease of use.

 Why our customers love Tangles: 

It is one of the best fidget toys you can buy - the quality is excellent, and the colours are vibrant

It does more to engage children and adults than regular non-fidget toys

It can act as a learning aid in classrooms

It can improve hand muscles and help with fine motor control development

They help to dispel anxiety through its ability to offer continuous movement

It can help children and adults break bad habits such as nail biting and nose picking

It is quiet and very non-disruptive

How to order your Zuru Tangle Wild Series -

Simply choose your preferred colour using the dropdown box. The Zuru Tangle Wild Series is available in 6 design options -

  • Camo - a camouflage pattern in shades of jungle green
  • Giraffe - a giraffe skin pattern in an aqua and magenta colour scheme
  • Leopard - a leopard skin pattern in hot pink, red and black
  • Snake - a snakeskin pattern in blue and purple
  • Zebra - a classic black and white zebra pattern
  • Zebra purple - a zebra pattern in a pink and purple colour scheme

Safety Information 

This Zuru Tangle Wild Series has small pieces that can be pulled apart and then clipped back together. Each section can be removed individually to make the tangle smaller if you would like to do this. For this reason, it is not suitable for children under 3 years old as these small parts can create a choking hazard.

Please also note that when in small pieces, the tangle toy is not broken - this is what it is meant to do. Also, if buying for a special needs child or adult, please check suitability before purchasing. You know your child or adult better than anyone else and what is or isn't suitable for them. 

Tink n Stink cannot be held responsible for a toy not being appropriate for your child.

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Dimensions5cm Coiled, 18cm Uncoiled
FeaturesPulls apart and clips back together
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