Chewubbles Chew Toys

Chewubbles are a fantastic range of sensory chew toys from American manufacturers cHu BuDDy. We are proud to offer you their chew necklaces, chew bracelets, chew tubes, teethers and accessories.   

All of the products have been developed by parents of a child with Autism and other special needs. They noticed how much her love of chewing on things bought lots of comfort in times of distress. Since that moment, they have created a different type of chewie for every kind of chewer including light chewers, moderate chewers and strong chewers who can chew through anything. 

There are six core product types within the chewubbles portfolio. These are Springz (chew bracelet), Fish, Starfish, Buds, Robotz (chew necklaces), Chew Tubes and Teethers and Lanyards. Each of them have their own chew factor rating  and are available in up to 18 different colours. 

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