Pencil Grips and Handwriting

Handwriting is a complex skill where some children can intuitively master it better than others. But for those who finding holding pencils tricky our range of top quality pencil grips will effectively help frustrated children. We have all manners of pencil grips for children of all ages (small beginner to adult) in many, many colours. If you're not sure what you need, we have starter packs with a selection of different types of pencil grips available. The aim of these packs is to help you figure out what suits the children your helping best. We sell them individually (single pencil grips) or in packs for bigger classrooms. We also have mixed sets too. All in bright solid, glitter, metallic or neon colours. 

In addition to our pencil grips, we also have some write on, wipe off handwriting practice mats. They cover normal and cursive handwriting techniques for both left and right handed writers. Plus, we have some practice literacy books and 'how to' articles such as 'finding the right pencil grip for you' in our support section. 


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